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Searching for a God to Love

Pastor Jeff Scoggins will be presenting a five-night seminar on Wednesday evenings called "Searching for a God to Love." In the seminar we will explore various views of God and how God has revealed Himself to us in the Bible. Is God really love the way He claims to be? Does He give us the free choice whether or not to love Him back? Is He really someone with whom we can have a relationship? If He is, how do we know? Our most profound questions are answered by an understanding of who God really is. When we know Him as He is we will be able to trust Him in what He does.

So join us for this FREE seminar “Searching for a God to Love” at 7 PM each Wednesday at Oak Street Christian School during the month of April, beginning April 1. Call 218-839-1744 for more information. 

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